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Core Contributors Group understands the value and urgency of facilitating learning—especially when it comes to underserved communities. We’re diligent and committed to ensuring that educational opportunities remain accessible to those who need them most. A huge percentage of students have no access to educational basics. This poses a serious barrier to learning, particularly in this era of social distance learning.

CCG supports the educational advancement of our youth and encourages self-love.

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To bridge this gap, CCG hit the ground running to speedily resolve the issue. Canvassing the surrounding community, we discovered inroads to making an immediate impact. The result? We’ve forged partnerships with numerous educational facilities and organizations that support learning. This includes the Foundation for Los Angeles Community Colleges, the PLUS ME Project, and many more.

CCG supports its community in educational efforts focusing on safe spaces for young women of color in the field of art and technology.

Other areas of support include:

  • STEM

  • Building soft skills

  • Educational supplies

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