Efrem K. Bryant, LCSW President

Medical & Clinical Social Worker, Therapist

“CCG was conceived with one intention only: to be a vessel for empowerment and positive change for those who are unable to help themselves, despite their willingness, skills, and intense actions to improve their situations. Beyond this intent, CCG has no ulterior motive. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, I am the product of a solid foundation, hard work, quality education, and the kindness of strangers. Because of these elements, I have been exposed to greater opportunities for success, personally and professionally.

ccg president Efrem

CCG is modeled after these same principles. Our target audience? We are focused on and dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals, families, and businesses that might otherwise be overlooked. We expect to build relationships with like-minded donors and organizations so that, together, we can collectively “lift as we climb.” For we know that being kind has never been expensive.

Despite what some might think, we know through our personal interactions with our community, people who live there do not want a handout. They simply want a fair shot—an unfiltered, unbiased, unimpeded opportunity to succeed; there is no greater gift that one human being can give to another.”

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