Helping the community

Core Contributors Group Impact

homelessness nonprofit


We partner with local homeless shelters to ensure more housing opportunities for our chronically homeless.

scholarships in los angeles


We know the importance of education, thus we strive to maintain the necessary educational activities and resources.

funds for wellness


It is our goal to improve the health of others, so we provide funds to local agencies that help in improving the overall well-being of our community.

nonprofit for small businesses located in underserved communities

Who We Are

Core Contributors Group, Inc (CCG) is a nonprofit collaborative promoting community empowerment initiatives through direct financial contributions. We put essential resources where they’re needed most: individuals, families, and small businesses located in underserved communities

Relieving & Empowering Underserved Communities

ccg improves the lives of homelessness people

“With the support from CCG, we have been able to give hundreds of our homeless clients a safe place to stay, food to eat, and a fighting chance to improve their lives in a sustainable way.”

M. Young, Home At Last CEO

Core Contributors Group

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