happy new year from core contributors group


The team at Core Contributors Group, Inc. had a wonderful 2023! Why? Because we planted such good seed into good ground and saw so many terrific results sprout up! There’s nothing better than fulfilling your goals, especially when it means helping others fulfill their goals, too – all the while changing lives for the better.

Through the many scholarships we awarded in 2023 to deserving students, and supplying business owners with much-needed grants, we’ve seen the positive impact that we continue to make on our community as we move into our fourth year of operation.

During the Thanksgiving holidays, Core Contributors Group, Inc. sponsored 10 surprised and deserving families, providing them with funds for a great holiday feast! We provided a total of $2500 to the families who were in need.  They were surprised, thankful, and delightfully overwhelmed with emotion when they were handed funds by our CCG team members to purchase food for Thanksgiving!

During the Christmas holidays, CCG gifted many needy families and individuals with funds (totaling $5000) that brought smiles and happy tears. We brought joy not only to the adults’ faces, but to many beautiful children as they received toys and other fun and needed items.

CCG, Inc. receives “Thank You!” notes from so many in our community whom we’ve supported and helped.  We appreciate them and their positive contributions just as much as they appreciate us.  There’s certainly nothing better than team building and unifying decent people and businesses in their efforts to grow and become positive contributors to our community and the world in general!

Our president, Efrem K. Bryant, and the whole team at Core Contributors Group, Inc. sincerely agree that we will maintain a positive influence because: “Acting from our core—our heart, we’ve noticed others begin to do likewise!”  So, we’re grateful for the heartfelt leadership we continue to provide!

core contributors group in los angeles, california
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