Collective Work…Collective Responsibility: UJIMA!

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Celebrating Our 3rd Year of Service!

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your hard/heart work manifest into something beautiful. That’s exactly what happened at this year’s UJIMA event, on August 12, 2023, when our team at CORE CONTRIBUTORS GROUP, INC. joined forces to make sure as many local residents as possible knew we exist to make life a little sweeter for them. We are confident they got the message as we interacted and provided helpful, potentially life-saving information in addition to providing fun activities, useful items personally and for the upcoming school year.

We’re ever grateful to those at Center of Hope Church for allowing us to utilize their beautiful, peaceful facility at 9550 Crenshaw in Inglewood, CA. It was simply the best location for our event since we started our nonprofit venture. (And the parking was great!)  Thank you to the pastor—Geremy Dixon, to the kind assistants and to Daphne Jones and others whose generosity of spirit made it all possible!

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Black Male Mental Health Issues Addressed

With so many people within the Black community experiencing mental health issues, CCG, Inc. was certainly spot-on, and ready to help silent sufferers confront and overcome the challenge; especially when it comes to Black men. Mental health/Black men: It’s a neglected segment of our community that often carries a stigma of shame about addressing mental health issues and seeking help, combined with a lack of finances to get that necessary help.

At this year’s Ujima event, CCG, Inc. confronted this need head-on by offering free mental health services for 10 Black men, which includes 8 counseling sessions with African-American therapists, and with no need for insurance!  What a welcomed gift. And you could see the awe and gratitude in the faces of the men and their loved ones when they heard this gracious offer from Core Contributors Group CEO/President, Efrem K. Bryant, and supportive members of the mental health team who would help absorb the cost.

Collective Work…Collective Responsibility, indeed.

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Back-Pack Give-Aways!

Celebrating CCG, Inc’s Third Anniversary with Ujima as our ongoing theme would not be complete without seeing big smiles on the faces of the beautiful young people who attended. Not only did they have fun playing games, but our backpack give-away filled with pens, pencils, notebooks, and sundry items ensured they were ready for the impending new school year!

We were excited to have many of our grant and scholarship recipients in attendance.  Their presence assured us they appreciated our gifts, and their attendance spoke volumes. Thank you to everyone – and to devoted non-profit, Sistahs With Purpose, you prove to us you ladies are the hippest, best dancers around!  Yes, what is a celebration without laughter AND DANCING – especially showing-off down our impromptu, but legendary Soul Train line!



Surprise $5,000 Gift from Act I Group Leaders

And to our long-time friends and supporters, Brett Howroyd and his mother, Janice Bryant Howroyd of the highly-respected and successful, Act 1 Group, THANK YOU! Your $5,000 gift was a beautiful blessing, not just for/to us – but to the community we serve!  (And to you Brett, and Ms. Janice, you both have some good moves—we saw you grooving down that Soul Train line and having a great time!)



     Core Contributors Group, Inc. looks forward to continuing to get to know more great, hard-working citizens in our Southern California area, and to providing our much-needed services to our beloved Los Angeles community.  (And what better way to do that than through our Ujima celebration next year!)



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