Improving the health and well-being of others is a primary goal of CCG. In the midst of an evolving pandemic, ensuring that people are taking care of themselves has never been more important than it is now. Unfortunately, many barriers (financial, mobility, availability) impact  access to vital medication, food, and health services. Knowing this, CCG partnered with Rare-O-Project, a resource for teen moms, and the DJ RaRa Foundation, which serves as an important community resource in Los Angeles, California. 

Additionally, many of our elderly often suffer needlessly and go without daily essentials. One shouldn’t have to choose between health and keeping the lights on, although this is an ever-increasing reality for so many.  To mitigate some of these issues, CCG contributes to local agencies (i.e. the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation) that help children and families cover the cost of life-saving medications.

Understanding that “wellness” extends beyond the traditional medical needs, CCG has partnered with inner-city mental health agencies to fund skill-building programs tailored to serve communities of color.

CCG has also provided funds to support local agencies that deliver groceries to the elderly, disabled, and low-income communities in Los Angeles. Farmers locally source the groceries; the money earned returns to local small businesses.

The benefits are three-fold:

  1. People get the healthy food they need at a reasonable price.
  2. The local farmer can sustain a business without being lost in an economic battle with big business.
  3. Local dollars stay local longer!
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