JUNETEENTH! … Celebration of Things We Must Never Forget



Now a legal federal holiday, June 19th –in remembrance of the end to slavery in America—was heralded with Juneteenth Celebrations throughout this country.  Of course, Southern California did things in a big way, particularly in the Leimert Park section of Los Angeles near Baldwin Hills.

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Core Contributors Group, Inc. took part in the much-heralded celebration that included many networking opportunities with those in the community who came out for a day of serious remembrance of a horrid history—yet a celebration of freedom from slavery.  This was a day of watching beautiful people dressed uniquely and feeling good about themselves.  It was a day with various dimensions of fun; but for CCG, Inc., it was also a day of serious, eager interaction with so many people, businesses, and worthy organizations that do not even know each other exists  >>> for the benefit of the community and the freedom that comes as a result.

The CCG, Inc. team was pleased to seize this opportunity to learn – to network and celebrate! And we came prepared—as always!

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We set up our booth early that morning and donned our special identifiable tee-shirts! We made sure to pass out flyers sharing our information with attendees who were attentive as we explained exactly who we are and what we’ve been doing for the community in our very effective, but brief, barely 3-year existence. They were delighted to know about the many scholarships to needy, bright students and grants we’ve provided to smart, creative, hard-working business owners – In fact, we’ve given over $200,000 —and we’re delighted to be able to give what is needed and deserved.

Along with the businesses present at Leimert Park, there was great food and plenty of entertainment that made this quite an outstanding day.  Among the performers on hand was popular singer Jazmine Sullivan, who took to the stage very near our booth, and watching the crowds enjoy her performance was a delightful scene in itself.  But even more exciting for our CCG, Inc. family was watching one of our own take to the stage – Efrem K. Bryant – Yep, our busy and devoted CEO/President is a popular and talented singer-performer, too!


Juneteenth Celebration in Leimert Park proved to be a day of remembrance for a time in American history none of us should forget. Yet, we must hold tight to the unity of good purpose and the collective genuine advancement we can experience going forward in service together.

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