What’s At Your CORE?!

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solid foundation is the secret and key to anything that we want to stand strong…to last.

That goes for people, places, and things: Any company or organization must be rooted/grounded in strong leadership guided by ethics beyond the shallow.  What’s at the core of anything and anyone determines what sprouts from it. What’s at YOUR core?

Whatever it shows up – oftentimes on full display – whether you know it or not.

The team at CORE CONTRIBUTORS GROUP, INC. (CCG, Inc.) is always in tune with the question and the answer to what’s at our core.  “As a new non-profit, dedicated to uplifting a powerful, hardworking, yet underserved community, it’s essential that we at CCG remain connected with the heart of who we are and why we exist,” says CEO/President, Efrem K. Bryant.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic stirred not only our compassion but also our active response to it. We, as concerned and compassionate citizens, could not watch and do nothing as businesses failed and hardworking people and their families suffered in ways no one could have previously imagined.  Thus, the birth of Core Contributors Group, Inc.  Since our birth less than 3 years ago, we have helped hundreds re-build their livelihoods and, essentially their lives.

With scholarship monies provided by CCG, Inc., many students have been able to afford the huge costs of higher education—people like Alora Mercado (attending Penn State); USC freshman, Drew Henderson; and Aneessa Garrett (CSU, Northridge). Those are just a few of many to whom we have provided funds toward advancing their educational goals.

Many non-profits and small businesses serving the community have been able to solidify themselves businesswise and maintain their working staff and upgrade their equipment with funds CCG, Inc. has supplied. This includes grateful recipients like talented Filmmaker/teacher Javohn Oddie of Jkodd Media; nonprofits like Grieving Hearts and Mary Conner’s Basket of Love Ministry can continue their services that uplift suffering individuals. Because of CCG funding, the dynamic Sistahs With Purpose nonprofit can keep helping students finance college; Nasaba Family Counseling & Consulting, Inc. can continue providing social and emotional support for their targeted base because of our liberal $10K funding.

Core Contributors Group is clearly established on a firm foundation, guided by a strong, compassionate visionary and supportive, committed team. We are dedicated to serving and empowering our community, while also connecting and collaborating with like-minded persons, companies, and organizations. We are certain about what’s at our core that propels us to do what we do.  When it comes to you – are you established on a firm foundation? And do you know “What’s at Your Core?!”

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