We’re Grateful! Looking Back & Looking Forward to Providing Good Service.

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Sometimes when we as a community of people come to the year-end holiday season—and actually approach the end of a year, we have varying thoughts as we review the 12 months that just ended. Many times, we re-hash with disappointment the not-so-good things, and long for a new opportunity for better things in the new year. Well, Core Contributors Group is certainly no different.

Our CCG, Inc. team can honestly say, however, we can look back on this past year and smile. Why? Because we made a big and positive difference in so many lives. And making life better for others has been our simple and heart/core reason for existing. We have met so many great people of all ages and backgrounds that we didn’t know before. We became connected with so many small business owners whose dream basically was just to stay alive during a year filled with so many unknowns. For so many, it was a year of uncertainties; they were struggling to remain viable and significant to the beloved community they had served, especially before the horrific Covid-19 struck.

Like Robin Hood—a much-admired childhood idol and hero for our CEO-President—Core Contributors Group was able to give a “hand up” and help others get back on their feet. We can humbly say, “Hallelujah!” Our CCG team was proudly on hand to see those organizations we’ve helped take up the “help others baton” and pass it on! We were so proud to be on hand to help several of our grantees as they did some beautiful things in the community.

CCG, Inc. was on hand united in partnership to support SPREAD LOVE FOUNDATION as we, together, helped conduct a major community holiday giveaway! Many children and families came and received the love. Toys and other items which were accepted with gratitude brought huge smiles not only to the many children and their families but to our CCG team and members of the SPREAD LOVE FOUNDATION. Throughout 2022, and since we began our work nearly 3 years, we’ve kept our eyes on the goal and our hearts in tune with the needs of the people. CCG provided food vouchers and financial assistance to numerous families during this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, ensuring they had food on their tables. Our families had something to truly be thankful for—and so did we. We also adopted 10 families for our special Christmas giveaways this year. By providing thousands of dollars in needed funds and gifts to families with children, we were able to demonstrate the true spirit of love and giving. Seeing the faces of the families—and the children especially—was priceless—and joy unspeakable to all of us. In addition to providing many scholarships to deserving students in their quest for higher education, Core Contributors Group supported many community-conscious organizations.

Among our grant recipients was SSG, Inc. (Special Services for Groups, Inc.) Their Weber Community Center division provides much-needed mental health services to youth and families in South Los Angeles. We feel proud to have given financial support to this organization. The Social Justice Institute was another deserving organization we were proud to award funding.

Many who received financial rewards from CCG came out to show their appreciation at our successful 2nd Annual Ujima event in August. Many shared personal stories that inspired the attendees and made our team at Core Contributors Group team humbled—and proud.

As we reflect on the year 2022, we can smile and be grateful for the great opportunities we’ve had to GIVE; to give to those who needed help. We’ve met some awesome, hard-working servants/leaders—and we want to be able to continue serving them as they serve and uplift others in our talented, hard-working, yet often-overlooked community.

We’re grateful for the past year’s accomplishments, and we look forward to even more worthwhile, heartfelt service to others in 2023! Good, loving service to our community will remain who we are at our core in all the years to come.

In 2023, our team at Core Contributors Group, Inc. wishes you a great new year of providing and sharing good service —from your heart/core!

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