Ujima—An Annual Affair!

ccg ujima event

Our team at Core Contributors Group, Inc. (CCG, Inc.) celebrated with the community our second annual Ujima event last August!

We look forward to hosting our 3rd annual Ujima event this summer. CCG, Inc. takes seriously our commitment and dedication to collective work and responsibility. So, it’s clear why we chose Ujima as the name and ongoing theme of our yearly event; in fact, Ujima means “collective work and responsibility.” 

Based upon all the comments and responses from those who attended our Ujima, it was a major success mainly because, as one person put it, CCG, Inc. “demonstrated a commitment” to helping them rise to their highest potential and thrive – “not just by what you have said—but WHAT YOU HAVE DONE in such a short period of time.”

We’re grateful for the opportunity to give the help that’s needed—and deserved. In our less-than 3-years’ existence, Core Contributors Group, Inc. has listened and responded speedily to the outcries of our citizens who are simply seeking a supportive hand during a time of need. Our responses have included providing more than $200,000 in scholarships for education and grants for dedicated non-profits and other businesses.

Eighteen-year-old Drew Henderson was among the many recipients who came out to speak to the crowd and thank us for the $5,000 scholarship we awarded him toward his first semester at the University of Southern California. When school started, Drew later reported back to us his 3.4 GPA! (Plus, in line with his major, he designed a tactical board game—leading a team that won over 4 competitors in his class!) Drew, among many others, we’ve funded, is proof of our good judgment in selecting those we believe will work smart and hard and make a great impact on our world.  All they need is a little help.

One of CCG, Inc.’s concerns is the mental health issues plaguing our community, often affecting Black men who do not seek help and/or cannot afford to see a professional.  Mental health professionals were able to address this problem at our Ujima event providing free services for 15 Black men.

CCG focused on connecting every African-American male with an African-American therapist, as it is often easier for someone to explore their mental health with someone who looks like them. Many were participating in therapy for the first time. CCG absorbed all costs (approximately $20,000) for services to alleviate the potential financial barriers that often obstruct a person’s access to the help they need. We hope to find partners in the future to help expand this campaign to even more participants.

We continue to encourage men to seek the help they need.

Sistahs With Purpose, a wonderful nonprofit that provides scholarships to young Black students headed to college came out to thank CCG, Inc. for our $5,000 grant that served them so well. There can never be enough funds to service students who genuinely want to further their educational goals. And we were glad to be of help.

Like our first Ujima, those who attended this past summer’s Ujima celebration were proud to know we exist—for them.

They were delighted to make friends with us and support a non-profit genuinely focused on them—the hard-working people in the community—providing uplifting, much-needed services, especially during this lingering era of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic — and the soaring costs of living.


core contributors group in los angeles, california
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