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–Flo S. Jenkins

It’s clear that when we desire to do anything worthwhile, we must lead with the heart.  What’s at CCG’s core/heart is our aim to do good in supporting, uplifting, and shining the light on others who simply deserve a genuine-hearted spotlight.  And that’s exactly what CORE CONTRIBUTORS GROUP, INC. did with its first ever Community Awards Luncheon held May 19th at the Celebrity Banquet Hall in Inglewood, CA.  Our best intentions were well-supported and proved so rewarding!!

CCG’s 1st Community Awards Luncheon caught the attention of our Los Angeles community, and they showed up for a fabulous, positive, inspiring good time. They enjoyed the camaraderie, the music, and the delicious food from Dulan’s restaurant! But that’s not all…

According to CCG’s CEO/President, Efrem K. Bryant, “Much too often, we only hear about the bad news within the inner-city communities—not just in Southern California, but nationwide.  But Core Contributors Group, Inc. knows (and knew) there is so much more good happening in our communities than there is bad. And there is much more respect than disrespect.”  In this time when image is “everything”, we knew we had to share the true image of our community and of the wonderful people and wonderful organizations empowering others and simply doing uplifting things.  Our generations need to know this—so that they can hold their heads high and walk in the truth of who they are!  We allowed this opportunity with our recent awards ceremony – and folks were delighted in a heart-deep way.


Terrific Honorees—Surprise Guest

Among the honorees were some awesome individuals and organizations that CCG has contributed to previously. But we wanted to let the public know just who they are and the work they’re doing … and they’re doing it without a need or desire for a pat on the back—but we gave it to them anyway! Among our awardees were the DJ RARE FOUNDATION (Rakeem Addison, Founder) SISTAHS WITH PURPOSE (Frances Young, President), THE RARE O PROJECT (Brittany Daniels, Founder), HOME AT LAST CDC (Michael & Jennifer). THE PLUS ME PROJECT (Richard Reyes, Founder), and ALL PEOPLES CC (Brandy Nuniz).

Those at the event were further inspired by the background information these awardees personally shared on how they got started and why. They also expressed gratefulness to CCG—and the community—for being appreciative of the work they do. The bottom line is that they all saw a need and they found a way, through their own struggles, to fulfill the needs of other.

One final highlight of the Awards event that had many in the audience teary-eyed was the surprise first meeting of two wonderful people: Ms. Denise Curry and CCG’s CEO/President, Efrem K. Bryant. Ms. Curry had met Mr. Bryant’s single mother only once decades ago when Efrem was about to enter college—at which time she learned there was a dire financial need – and unexpectedly Ms. Curry supplied a much-needed gift of $500 toward Efrem’s LMU college tuition. Efrem had often heard of the benevolence of this stranger—but no one was ever able to personally see or locate this wonderful woman until this special day of the Community Awards Luncheon.  Ms. Curry proved/demonstrated the value of those in the community—many who are nameless, but who do wonderful, life-changing things for those in need.  And they do it without any fanfare or desire for recognition—they do it from the core of their being – from their heart!  We’re all grateful.


Yes! We See You!  (And so does our Most High Creator.)

We’re looking forward to honoring and sharing with our community more individuals and organizations doing worthwhile, heartfelt good things next year at our 2nd Annual Community Awards Luncheon!  The entire team at CCG can’t wait to see you there. So, stay connected to us!

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